We look forward to learning with you at WISSIT in August!

We know a school can be only as good as its teachers. The best schools are those where teachers continuously improve their practice through collaboration and guided self-reflection.

Three questions guide our vision of WISSIT: What if we were to bring together motivated teachers from a wide variety of schools in order to engage in deep discussion about effective teaching and learning? What if we provided support when they returned to their schools, where they put into place what they have learned? What if these teachers were able to build a school-wide culture of reflection and collaboration with their colleagues?

At WISSIT, you’ll be joining educators from all over the Washington, DC, area, as well as researchers from Project Zero at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education.  We will engage in an intensive week-long exploration of two themes, Building a Culture of Thinking and Educating for Global Competence.

See you on Monday morning, August 3!

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Grace Bogosian

Sacred Heart Bilingual School
1st & 2nd grade Teacher, English
Originally from Upstate, NY, Grace Bogosian received her Master's in Elementary Education with a focus on teaching language learners. In 2012, she relocated to Washington D.C. to join the community at Sacred Heart, a diverse, bilingual, Title 1, school as the 1st and 2nd grade teacher. After attending Project Zero Classroom as a participant and fellow, Grace began using movement and fine arts to facilitate her learner's love of literacy and learning. She collaborates with colleagues at Washington International School Summer Institute (WISSIT) to promote critical thinking and deep understanding through the purposeful use of Project Zero practices. Grace has enjoyed being an instructional coach for the Making Learning Visible online course, as well as a participant in the Children Are Citizens project.

When she is not immersed in the field of education, she enjoys exercising, cooking and spending time with her enormous family!